The Punjab Charities Act 2018

To register and regulate charities and collection of charitable funds. It is necessary to make effective provisions for the registration, administration and regulation of charities, fund-raising appeals and collection of charitable funds for charities and other institutions; and, for other purposes.

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Every organization required to be registered under the Act shall provide to the registering authority the information regarding the objectives of the charity, the source or sources of income of the charity and the nature of its spending, and such other documents or information as may be prescribed.

Register a Charity

Every charity shall get itself registered with the Commission

Charity Registration Portal

The Government of the Punjab has developed Charity registration portal for registration of applications. This landmark and ICT enabled registration shall facilitate organizations/ NPOs/ NGOs/ Charities/ Trusts/ Societies in application submission process and will also minimize human interventions in this process leading to managerial efficiency and process transparency.

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Registered Charities

Public Corner

We have information and advice to help you find registered charities, and make an informed decision about which charities to support.

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